Actor-Model Poonam Pandey Passed Away from Cervical Cancer

Actor-model Poonam Pandey passes away from cervical cancer

At age 32, actor-model Poonam Pandey passed away from cervical cancer. She was a well-liked actress, model, social media star, reality TV personality, and one of the most controversial celebrities. The entertainment industry remains in shock and sadness after she unexpectedly passed away on Thursday morning from cervical cancer. The modeling and entertainment industries were shocked to learn of her death. In an interview with News18, Poonam’s team also confirmed the tragedy, stating, “She passed away last night.” The model’s death has also been verified to ANI by Poonam’s manager, Parul Chawla. Her resilience in the face of health setbacks was astounding.

Missing Family of Poonam Pandey

Following the Internet’s revelation of Poonam Pandey’s death, her family has gone missing. A source close to the actor-model told that they received a call earlier today from Poonam’s sister, who informed them of her death and her cervical cancer diagnosis. The source attempted to get in touch with Poonam’s sister after the post went live on her Instagram page, but she hasn’t answered her phone since.
The insider went on, “After our last conversation with Poonam, we attempted to reach her sister, but she hasn’t answered her phone since. Not only that, but it is impossible to get in touch with her other family members. Surprisingly, when we attempted to contact Poonam’s team members as well, we were unable to reach any of them on the phone. We are thus also perplexed at this time.

actor-model Poonam Pandey passes away from cervical cancer

Statement of Poonam Pandey’s Team

Poonam Pandey’s team submitted a new statement following the formal release of their announcement of her death. Similarly, her team attested to the fact that Poonam’s sister was the one who initially verified the news of her death. Her team is still expecting further details about the situation, though.
“It is to place on record that we have received a call from her family member (sister) regarding her sudden demise and confirming the news (as posted on her official Instagram ID),” says the official statement from Poonam Pandey’s team. To bring everyone up to date, we are awaiting more information from the family. As soon as we get further information, we will make an official announcement.

How was Poonam Pandey’s Death Known?

“This morning is a tough one for us,” the post on Poonam Pandey’s Instagram said, along with a heart and folded hand’s emoji. We are so sorry to notify you that Poonam, our darling, passed away from cervical cancer. She greeted every living thing that had touched her with unadulterated love and kindness. We would ask for privacy during this difficult time as we cherish the memories we have of her. News18 was also informed by her team that “she passed away last night.”

Actor-model Poonam Pandey passes away from cervical cancer
Poonam Pandey Announced her Death as a Publicity Stunt

Model and reality TV personality Poonam Pandey declared on Saturday that she had not passed away from cervical cancer. A day after the model’s management declared her death from cervical cancer, she made her Instagram statement. Her agency Schbang has also apologized for orchestrating the actor’s suicide stunt last week. The agency said that by using the model-actor’s phony death, it hoped to “elevate awareness about cervical cancer” in an Instagram statement.

Poonam Pandey’s Death Hoax Gone Wrong

A day after Poonam Pandey announced her death news as a publicity stunt. An FIR has been lodged against the actress and her manager for spreading fake news. Many social media users and Celebrities were not amused by the hoax and angrily criticized Pandey for staging her death and trivializing a significant cause.

Who is Poonam Pandey?

Poonam Pandey, renowned for her daring images and videos, debuted in a movie called “Nasha” in 2013. Poonam Pandey gained attention after she promised to remove her clothes if team India won the 2011 Cricket World Cup in a video message she posted prior to the match. That year, India did indeed win the World Cup. Pandey, however, broke her word. She declared her intention not to disobey the law. She acknowledged that the entire event was a “publicity stunt.” When her beloved Kolkata Knight Riders won the IPL the next year, she did, however, share a naked picture of herself.
She developed a large following on social media over the years due to her outspoken remarks and frequent appearances in pornographic movies. Poonam confirmed her marriage to businessman Sam Bombay in 2020. But they split up when she quickly launched a domestic abuse complaint against him. The actress Poonam Pandey is also well-known for her participation in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, Bigg Boss season 7 and Lock Upp, well-known reality TV programs.

Actor-model Poonam Pandey passes away from cervical cancer

Update about Cervical Cancer

The news of Poonam Pandey’s death unexpectedly. The announcement of her interim Budget 2024 included a proposal for girls aged 9 to 14 to receive a cervical cancer vaccination, which was made by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman the day before.

About Cervical Cancer

One common type of cancer that affects the cells in the cervix—the part of the uterus that connects to the vagina—is cervical cancer. It is the fourth most frequent cancer in women worldwide, accounting for over 604,000 diagnoses and 342,000 deaths in 2020. In 99% of cases, the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause. Despite usually being eliminated by the immune system, this sexually transmitted virus frequently shows no signs and can eventually result in cervical cancer if left untreated. It usually takes 15-20 years for aberrant cells to turn into malignant ones, but in those with compromised immune systems, it can happen in 5–10 years. Young moms, smokers, users of hormonal contraceptives, and those with other STDs are among the groups of women who are more vulnerable. Cervical cancer is far more treatable when discovered early.

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